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We are currently building a new program outline for the men of our community.  It will be group directed and self paced.  The activities will be based on personal study and practice combined with group discussion.  The first few fall meetings of the group will be to set up our navigation for the year.  Materials and course times are open to discussion.

This is not a continuation of the TMIY series.  It is by and for the men of St. Clement’s community.

Check back for Updates.

St. Clements Men’s Group (Draft)

Community Based Spiritual Development for Men

  • Group Directed, Self Paced, Multi Media Approach
  • Broad Based Spiritual Elements
  • Active Community Project Elements
  • BBQd Meat Elements – 3 Meal Meatings per Year.
  • Goal – Creating a personal, organic, Spiritual Plan for Life.

General Outline

  • Conversion Defined.
    • The Confession Genre Explored.
      • Choose an autobiography of conversion for personal study.
    • Group exploration of Personal Development Paths.
      • Choose elements to personally study and practice.
      • Developing a Man’s Personal Spiritual Plan for Life
    • Summer Homework – The framework of your personal plan.

Study and Practice, Spiritual Elements for the Individual & Group

  • Study – Spiritual Writers
  • Prayer Practices
  • Catholic Devotional Practices

The Program Objective and Summer 2019 Homework:

            Creating a Spiritual Plan for Life

“At Home in the World” – A rule of life for the rest of us. Margaret Guenther

“Celebration of Discipline” – The Path to Spiritual Growth. Richard J. Foster