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Parish Staff

Support Staff        (584-6122)

Administration:  Don Garrant                     (Ext 127)

Music Director:  Jeff & Brenda Vredenburg                 (Ext 117)

Day Secretary:   Maria Milstrey                  (Ext 110)

Data Secretary:  Marianne McGhan                (Ext 126)

Bookkeeper:       Mimsey Kelly                    (Ext 111)

Sacristan:           Richard Naple

IT Services:         Erik Israelsov                 (Ext 129)

Ringers & Singers & LIFESONG Band Director:

Karey Hall-Trimmings                     (598-4945)

Latino Ministry: TBA.

Custodians:        Frank Wakefield, Michael Smith

Pastoral Associates

Pastoral Care & Advocacy

Becky Craig                           584-6122  (Ext 113)

Outreach & Evangelization

Lisa Kent                                581-9805

Food Pantry and Financial Assistance

Marianne McGhan               581-9805

Office of Faith Formation      (587-3611)

Coordinator:  Office of Faith Formation

Maureen Rivers                                       (Ext 4)

Coordinator:  First Reconciliation and

First Eucharist Preparation

Denise Salage                                          (Ext 3)

Coordinator:  Youth Ministry and

Confirmation Preparation

Randy Rivers                                          (Ext 2)

St. Clement’s Regional School:     (584-7350)

Principal:         Jane Kromm

Web Site:        www.stclementsschool.org


Prayer Line Contacts:

Fran Willette; 654-7018

Terry Flaws: 885-9160

Betsy Turcotte: 584-1152


Office Info: Phone 584-6122   Fax:  584-2644

Monday — Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm