Adult Initiation

Curious About Catholicism?

Welcome! If you are interested in deepening your understanding of Catholicism and discerning the value of our faith journey, come walk with us! Explore the Rite of Catholic Initiation for Adults – RCIA.

  • St. Clements has an active, trained, volunteer team that assists in the entry to the Catholic Faith.  This group works with adults who have never been baptized and wish to be baptized into the Catholic faith and for adults who have been baptized into another Christian Faith and wish to enter the Catholic Church.
  • The RCIA program is comprehensive.  It helps those called to the Catholic faith to develop their knowledge and understanding of Christ.  We journey with you on your spiritual path toward He Who is Love, Jesus Christ.
  • For further information, contact the parish office, 518-584-6122.

Another local parish, St. Peters, sponsors Landings. Landings is an opportunity that offers “a safe place to land,” a place for listening and for being heard, a place for asking questions and for reconnecting with the faith as an adult.  A small group of active Catholics, some “returnees” themselves, meets with a small group of inactive or returning Catholics to share and explore their faith together.

For more information about the Landings Program, check out St. Peter’s Web Site here.

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