Faith Formation 2020-2021

Light the Fire.

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Schedule for 2020-2021 K-7 sessions schedule

7th & 8th

See What You can Be.

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VCat is the Catechetical Backbone of the Middle School Faith Formation Program.

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This program steps away from the “academic” model of  using books and lectures to teach the faith.  In its place the richness and beauty of our Catholic faith will be communicated by well produced videos followed by moderated small group discussions for the teens.

The groups will meet at times and locations that are determined by the Group Facilitator and the group participants.

In short, the “Young Church” will be  invited and assisted to build its own faith community within the larger context of St. Clement’s parish and Saratoga Springs.  More details to come this fall.

Youth Ministry

Contact Randy Rivers, Youth Minister for St Clements:  Email Randy Here or call 587-3611 ex 2

Link to the Faith Formation Registration Page.

Saint Clement’s Faith Formation and Youth Ministry teams collaborate in helping foster a deeper sense of Christian discipleship in our youth.  A variety of components provide valuable contributions to helping our youth grow to understand, love, and live out their Catholic Faith.  Youth in grades 6-12 are considered to be part of our comprehensive Youth Ministry program.

Youth in grades  6 & 7 use the Wheeling-Charleston Diocese’s “vCat” as the resource for their Faith Formation sessions. A Social Justice project is an integral component of this program. Youth in 6th & 7th  grade are strongly encouraged to participate in all our Youth Ministry programs and activities.

Youth in grades 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12  are encouraged to participate in a variety of Faith Formation sessions that cover areas such as Scripture, Christian Lifestyles, Vocations, and Moral Development, Understanding Church History and Catholicism, and Catholic Social Teachings.  St. Clement’s uses the YDisciple and Decision Point programs as the backbone of our approach to youth faith formation.  We invite you to click those links and visit their websites to learn more about this approach.

Our approach is fun, we build a youth community in Christ.

For more information, contact the Faith Formation and Youth Ministry offices at 518-587-3611 ex 2 or by e-mail.

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