Faith Formation for All Ages

Our Philosophy

We Believe that Faith Formation is for Everyone!

Therefore, at St. Clement’s Parish we are committed to Whole Community Catechesis.

Faith is a sacred gift which we must care for regularly if it is to mature and deepen. There are many wonderful and exciting opportunities for nurturing one’s faith here at St. Clement’s Parish. The principle means, of course, is through personal and communal prayer, by celebrating the sacraments regularly, through formal and informal study and reflection, and by acting on it publicly. The most eminent public expression of our faith is by coming together weekly as a worshipping family to celebrate the Eucharist to the honor and glory of God.

Before moving on, we invite you to consider some of the spiritual values and beliefs that underlie our Faith Formation Programs.

Our Catholic faith calls us

  • to love the Risen Lord and to be shaped by God’s Word;
  • to pursue holiness of life and to act with Christian conviction;
  • to be united in our common praise of the Father at the Eucharistic Table and to draw life from the Sacraments of Jesus Christ.
  • to cherish our Catholic community and its sacred traditions as the work of the Holy Spirit;
  • to place our lives in loving service of the common good and the gospel of peace and justice;
  • to find strength and courage for responding with compassion wherever we encounter human suffering and to address its causes;
  • to set our hearts on the reign of God as our supernatural destiny in Christ.

We are pleased to offer our parish community a vibrant Faith Formation Program that serves these various dimensions of our faith for persons of all ages.

For more specific information on various dimensions of our program click on any of the links below.

God bless you and the Lord’s peace sustain you!

Yours in Christ Jesus,
St. Clement’s Faith Formation Team

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Our Programs

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